Video tutorials are short how-to clips that show you how precisely to carry out a particular operation. In case you’ve never had a website and the hosting sphere is something new to you or in case you have changed companies and have never seen the new web hosting provider’s Control Panel, such video lessons will come in truly handy and will help you grow familiar with the tool in question, not to mention how much time you’ll spare. Without tutorial videos, you’d have had to either test out the separate buttons inside the Control Panel or check help articles. Although you can still find out how to get things done all by yourself, it would be a whole lot easier to watch a simple-to-understand tutorial video and then to just act according to the directions, preventing any possibility of slipping up if a certain help article is not sufficiently explicit.
Video Tutorials in Cloud Hosting
As part of our cloud hosting packages, we have shot a ton of how-to video clips where you can see a demonstration of our function-crammed Hepsia Control Panel. We’ve included both easy procedures such as creating a new email address or moving files between folders, and more complex ones like generating an .htaccess file or exporting a database. We also have a collection of instructive video clips that will inform you what error log files are used for or what system load is. If you visit a particular Control Panel section, you’ll be able to see relevant tutorial videos that explain how you can perform different tasks, but you can also see a full list of all the videos that we’ve got in a separate section, which you can access using the Video Tutorials shortcut, which is located at the bottom of the page.