The quality of the hosting service which you receive for your Internet sites is dependent not only on the features which a certain plan comes with, but also on the hardware your web apps run on. Higher CPU speeds, for example, indicate that the processes running on the hosting server will be performed faster, while additional physical memory (RAM) means that more processes can run concurrently. The grade of the hardware may also have an impact on the general performance and dependability of the server. Since the Internet hosting service these days includes not only file storage, but also databases, emails, logs, etcetera, additional processing power is needed to run all system processes and to ensure that they work correctly and with no lag. When the hardware is not powerful enough, the result will be sluggish websites and even service timeouts because the machine will not be able to manage all requests to the websites hosted on it.
24-core servers, hardware in Cloud Hosting
If you decide to obtain one of our cloud hosting solutions, you will not have to worry about the servers where your sites will be accommodated or about the deficiency of system resources. We take advantage of an advanced cloud platform and every service is handled by an individual cluster of servers. Every single machine in the clusters includes 24 processor cores and 64 GB RAM, so no matter what applications you need to work with, they'll function at top speed constantly. We can always include additional machines to any of the clusters, meaning that the processing power and the hdd space for our plans is practically unlimited. For better performance, we take advantage of solid-state drives for the storage, that will increase the performance of your websites considerably. As the servers are not only powerful, but also redundant, you will not notice any downtime for any site that you host with us.