An auto-responder e-mail is an e-mail which is sent back automatically to everybody who sends a message to an e-mail address with this option activated. The senders will get the automatic reply the moment their messages are received and you'll not have to do anything manually. A couple of examples of taking advantage of auto-responder emails are sending a confirmation that a payment is received and the order will be processed or that a person is on vacation and will not be around for a certain time frame. In the first situation the option can be activated for a long time, whilst in the second one it's short-term. Even when you make use of e-mail limited to private communication, you can use an auto-responder to let the other side know that their e-mail has been received successfully.
Auto-responder Emails in Cloud Hosting
In case you host your domains in a cloud hosting account from us, you will be able to create an auto-responder message for any of the emails you create in the account. You will be able to view all of the email addresses shown alphabetically in your Hepsia Control Panel and all it takes to activate the feature is to click on the auto-responder icon for any email address or to right-click on that mailbox and then to choose the option from the context menu. A box will appear on the screen and you simply will have to write the desired message and save it, so creating an auto-responder takes basically just two clicks. In the very same way you can also remove or change an active message. Hepsia makes it simple even to configure an auto-responder for multiple mailboxes at once, which can save time if several people are using emails that you've created to take time off, for example.