Employing our Web Site Optimization Resources, you’re able to work on your website’s level of popularity straight from your personal Hosting Control Panel. With the Sitemap Generator you can get complete sitemap for your web site within a few minutes. You can publish the sitemap to the major search engines so they can index your web site as quickly as possible. Moreover, from the RSS News software, you are able to use routinely refreshed publications on your web site, which is actually a promise for greater ranking positions with the major search engines. Full System Integration Inc.’s GeoIP redirection tool will assist you to route visitors from a certain place into a specified language variation of your web site for more accurate targeting end results.

A Sitemap Generator

A sitemap generator incorporated straight into your Hosting Control Panel

In case you have recently released your website and need it to be scanned more quickly from the the major search engines, or if you want to offer your users a simple method to browse through all your web pages, you’ll need to employ a sitemap. Sitemap is a a listing of all the webpages on your site that have been hyperlinked to. Usually, you will need to rely upon 3rd party applications to perform the job, however, with Full System Integration Inc., you can find a Sitemap Generator integrated straight to the Hosting Control Panel.

The Sitemap Generator we offer is generally user friendly and because it is 100% suitable for Full System Integration Inc.’s cloud Linux cloud hosting platform – your web site will be examined very quickly.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Easy location–driven redirections

We offer a simple and easy tool, which will let you filter the customers of your web site depending on their location. For instance, with the GeoIP re–direction tool, you can easily forward all the site visitors coming from Spain to the Spanish variant of your site if you have such. This will help you focus on your users much more precisely and supply them with the online experience they are expecting.

No particular skills or special comprehension are required to make use of the GeoIP re–direction instrument, and you no longer have to use .htaccess files to complete the task.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Present the most current publications within your site

What is RSS? RSS can be described as a technology for distributing and collecting content. It’s being commonly used by information websites, personal blogging sites, newscasts, and so on. The published information is quickly picked up by a news reader and afterwards shown to the consumer. Employing RSS, users will be able to get updates from many different websites and go over them in a sole location.

Using our RSS News tool, you can quickly include headlines feeds coming from some of the world’s most–preferred publication sites and show them on your own website.

RSS News